DipGrips FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy this product?

  • DipGrips™ are available for sale on Amazon.com exclusively.  Click Dipgrips
    to be redirected to the Amazon site


How much weight can this product hold?

  • For DipGrips™ with V1 brackets (2 holes in each bracket), they have been tested for users up to 200 pounds.
  • For DipGrips™ with V2 brackets (4 holes in each bracket), they have been tested for users up to 230 pounds.


You posted on FACEBOOK about manufacturing NEW UPGRADED BRACKETS.  Where can I purchase those?


How are these NEW UPGRADED BRACKETS different from the old ones?

  • As an inventor, I feel like it’s my duty to always put the BEST product out that I have.  I did that from the start.  Now, I have made improvements so it’s time to share that too!  The DIPGRIPS V2 BRACKETS hold up to 230 pounds!  That might not sound like much of a difference from 200 pounds, but they are WAY better!


How do I install this product?

  • I recently made a nice tutorial explaining exactly how to install the new V2 BRACKETS.  You can still learn how to install the old brackets by watching the video as well.  Click here to watch the Installation Video!


Should I pre-drill holes before screwing the brackets onto the door frame?

  • Absolutely.  Pre-drilling the holes before screwing the brackets in will help to make sure the wood doesn’t split.  I use a 3/32 drill tip for the job.


Which setting should I use for my power drill?

  • You should use a mid range setting for this.  That way you’ll be sure not to overtighten the screws.  Never use the hammer setting if you have a robust drill.


Which screw tip should I use for my power drill- there are so many to choose from?

  • I use a P2 Phillips screw tip.  You can see which size of screw tip you’re using by looking at the imprint on the side.

What tools do I need to install DipGrips?

  • You will need the brackets, the included screws, a power drill, a ruler or measuring tape, and a pencil.


Where do I place the attachments if I want to use my entire bodyweight to exercise?

  • Attachments are best placed with the top eyehole between 39 and 41 inches from the ground to the top of the bracket for FULL BODYWEIGHT TRAINING


How do I know which door frame to put this on?

  • DipGrips™ should only be placed on wooden door frames that are compliant with all current building codes.  The wooden door frames should be between 30 and 36 inches wide.  DO NOT place DipGrips™ on door frames that are cracked, broken, or not framed correctly.  DO NOT place screws near or into existing screw holes as this further weakens the trim on your door and the frame itself.  Serious injury can occur if you misuse this product


Can I do weighted dips with this product?

  • No.  Do not add any more weight- even if you weigh less than the 200 pound weight limit


I’m a beginner when it comes to BODYWEIGHT EXERCISE.  Can I still use this product?

  • Of course!  You can adjust where you place the attachments on the door frame.  Using a setting between 14 and 18 inches above the ground, you are able to perform BODYWEIGHT EXERCISE with your feet resting on the ground in front of you.  In this position, you are still able to utilize your full range of motion while only using partial bodyweight.  It’s a great way to get used to BODYWEIGHT TRAINING.  CLICK HERE to check out a short video I made with just a few BEGINNER EXERCISE suggestions.


How can I tell what end of the attachment goes up and which end goes down when I’m installing for the first time?

  • If you look inside of the attachment, there is a little piece on one end. That end goes down when installing on your door frame


I notice that the handles move a little bit inside the brackets.  Is this normal?

  • Yes.  The handles will move a little inside of the brackets. There is a notch on the handles that I needed to keep a little larger to prevent the handles from getting stuck inside the brackets.


Do YOU have a question that should be on my FAQ Page?

  • Send me an email- info@dipgrips.com!  I’m happy to answer any of your questions!  If enough people ask something similar, I’ll add it to the DIPGRIPS FAQ page.