Compact doorway exercise bars used to increase your functional upper body and core strength!

HOME GYM workout solution for people on the go!

DIPGRIPS compact design makes it easy for you to set up, workout, and move on with your busy schedule!

Home Gym Dip Station for Bodyweight Exercises

You’ve been looking to add BODYWEIGHT EXERCISE to your home workout routine because it offers a GREAT CHALLENGE!

Keeping yourself in the best possible shape is a TOP PRIORITY and BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES can do that for you!

Look and Feel the way you Deserve!

Dip station to use with your pull up bar

The dip exercise works out not just your tricep muscles, but your chest and shoulder muscles as well. Plus, since your using yourself as the weights, you get the added benefit from a lot of your stabilizer muscles getting their own workout.

 Dipgrips are the best home gym equipment for dips and leg raises.  Since most at home gym dip stations require a lot of space, they can be a bit of a hassle when it comes to getting ready for your home workout.

Dipgrips Home Gym attach to your door frames and can be paired with your doorway pull up bar. Imagine a power tower on your doorframe- total space saver!  

Steel brackets are the only part of Dipgrips that will be attached to the door frame. The handles, which are also made from steel, weigh less than 5 pounds and are removable. Rubber grips are featured on the handles and they are extremely comfortable!